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With over 60 acres dedicated to paintball fun, Whatz-Up is the perfect place to host your next paintball event.

Open sessions (No group or reservation required)

Saturday & Sunday: Noon – 8PM last safety briefing at 5PM unless pre-scheduled

Entry Fee

$1500Per Person

Air Fee

$500Per Person

Rental Equipment

500Basic Set-Up


924200 Paintballs

Package Value


Special Price

2499Per Player

Rental Special!

Includes: Entry, Air, Basic Rental set-up, & 200 paintballs.


200 Paintballs


500 Paintballs


Paintball Memberships

Paintball Membership Benefits

UNLIMITED ENTRIES – During regular business hours. Excludes reservations, tournaments, and scenario games

UNLIMITED AIR FILLS – For compressed air, 3000 PSI or 4500 PSI

DISCOUNTED PAINT PRICING – $12.50 per bag of 500 paintballs.​​

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