Frequently Asked Paintball Questions

What is paintball?

Paintball is essentially a game of tag, at long range. Two sides are chosen and then engage each other in a variety of themed games with objectives that must be completed to win the respective match. Paintball is the real life FPS game! (first person shooter)

What is a paintball?

A paintball is a .68 or .50 caliber round sphere made of gelatin, filled with a non-toxic food grade marking liquid. It is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Is it safe?

YES, paintball is safer than golf or bowling if the safety rules are followed, and the safety rules are explained very carefully prior to your playing by a member of our trained safety staff.

Does it hurt?

A paintball impact is often compared to being popped with a rubber band. So yes, it can hurt. Most players have their adrenaline pumping so hard that it feels more like a pinch or a hard thump. Some report not feeling the ball at all. It can leave a mark or welt, especially at close range, which is why we use the 10-foot rule. A player may not discharge a paintball within 10 feet of another player without first giving them the option of surrendering. We use a chronograph to make sure all markers are shooting at the right speed to avoid pain. We also use low impact paintball at our facility. Low impact paintball is just like regular paintball but without the sting.

What should I wear?

We recommend long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and shoes or boots that offer ankle support. Above all wear clothes that you are not afraid of getting dirty. You will crawl, run, slide, hide, and do it all again. Wearing your “good clothes” is not exactly the best idea. Most paintball marks on clothes will wash out generally in a regular cycle in a washing machine, a little stain remover always helps. Do not throw your clothes in the back of your closet, gear bag, or trunk of your car and forget about them…they will remind you they are there in a few days. If no one wants to stand near you or downwind it may be a clue to wash your “playing” clothes.

Do girls play?

Yes, lots of girls play paintball! Generally, girls are more competitive than the guys in paintball.

How old do you have to be to play?

Big enough to wear the mask. Usually around age 10 is when most kids are big enough to play. A signed waiver by a parent or guardian is required. If the player cannot fit into the goggle system securely, we will not allow them to play. The goggles are what makes paintball as safe as it is.

Can I bring my own gear?

Yes! Your marker must be chronographed to measure the speed you are shooting. Goggles/Masks will be inspected to make sure they meet the minimum safety requirements for paintball. Note paintball goggle lenses can only be used for so long before they need to be replaced. Safety is everyone’s number one priority.

What is a chronograph?

A paintball marker or gun is adjustable in how fast the balls travel down range. A chronograph is the device used to measure this in Feet Per Second. We have set our maximum speed to 280 Feet per second or FPS. Anything over 280-FPS is called “Shooting HOT”. This is set prior to your playing your first game in the chronograph range and then rechecked randomly on the field prior to, during, and after games by the referees. Check your marker often, as weather conditions will affect how fast you marker/gun will shoot.

Can I bring my own paint?

No, due to safety and liability issues outside paint is not allowed at Whatz-Up. You must purchase and use paintballs from our facility the day of your visit. Leftover paintballs may be kept in one of the lockers provided to be used the next weekend. Paintballs left longer that two weeks will be thrown out. Paintball purchases are non-refundable.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Bottled water is the only thing allowed to be brought in. Food and drinks are available for purchase from our food court on site.